A Crowdfunding platform for small communities.


We4Tourism is a platform for Tourism-Related projects in Austria, provided by CONDA but open for all platforms. The platform connects investors and tourism companies.


Crowdberry represents an equity investing platform which basic essence is connection of private investor’s club with dynamic entrepreneurial ideas. The goal is to gather capital from various investors in exchange of % share on a company.


Adrifund is first Slovenian, crowdfunding locally oriented platform, established in 2016. Mostly aims at projects related to creative industries, supporting cultural events and social welfare.

Startnext (Austria)

Crowdfunding platform which exist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Especially for artists, makers and founders.


Crowdfunding for projects and start-ups

Conda (Austria)

Conda connect entrepreneurs and investors, also create the profitable basis for promising business ideas. CF is available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland (StartUps& sme’s), also in Slovakia, Slovenia and soon in Poland.


UrbanCrowdRaising is a vertical-crowdfunding platform, focused on urban/social regeneration and development projects for the city, creating new alternative models to finance them.


Upspringer is the first international platform of Crowdfunding dedicated to the literature.


Universitiamo is the Crowdfunding platform of the University of Pavia, with its 654 years of history.