Upspringer is the first international platform of Crowdfunding dedicated to the literature.


Universitiamo is the Crowdfunding platform of the University of Pavia, with its 654 years of history.


Pre-Selling Platform for Fashion


WOOP food is the platform built to discover and support Italian agrifood excellences.

With You We Do

WithYouWeDo is an action of the program “#thefutureisofall”: the new vision that inspires itself and conduct the activities of Corporate Shared Value of TIM.


Werealize is the Crowdfunding platform that allow to designers, makers and little enterprisers to cooperate and launch on the market original and innovative products, never handled before and produced in limited series.


We4Sport is an Italian fashion eCommerce platform which also allows Crowdfunding for sport articles. is an investment crowdfunding platform focused on creative startups. Their mission is to provide creative entrepreneurs smart tools by which they can raise theirs startups thanks to funds from the investor community. Platform gives the opportunity to run campaign in one of three ways: donation-based, equity-based, lending-based (all or nothing and keep it all but not less than 20%). In addition, the platform offers a complementary package of services, like: support in promotion, distribution and gaining more sources of financing. The commission is 7,5% plus 1,9% commission for payment operator and 3700 zł for formal service. (AON and KIA but not less than 20%) is an eqiuty-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to SMEs. It is supposed to be a polish version of UK Crowdcube. The web page is inactive, but they maintain a FB profile is an equity-based crowdunding platform dedicated to help young entrepreneurs to find financing for their projects. They connect private investors with innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs. The commission is 6,9% plus VAT. Platform offers various types of support: IT and marketing consulting, websites design, writing business plans etc. They ran with success 3 big campaigns.