Startify is an online entrepreneurial ecosystem helping entrepreneurs develop their idea to companies providing strategy, validation and connections.


Starteed is leader in the supply of personalized solutions for the Crowdfunding and the co-creation.


Created in 2012, it’s a platform operational since January 2014 based in Livorno.

Sport Supporter

Sportsupporter is the first sport Crowdfunding platform in Italy, that addresses its action to sport associations, athletes and makers active in the field of technological solutions in sport sector, acting as facilitator for the fundraising. – Sport


Soisy allow loans to others peoples to help the realization of own life projects: from the honeymoon wedding, to a specialization course, to post-graduate course, to a new scooter to live the city more easily. The investments are sustainable, and individuals always know where end up their money: they will be on hand at all times, on the platform, information about individual life projects financed with loans.


In Smartika acts a community of applicants and lenders who interact directly with each other, without resort to intermediaries, thus obtaining the best conditions for both. Inside of the community is created, in this way, a market in which the current rates are determined, exclusively from the encounter between supply and demand. Smartika Spa operates as a payment institution, regulated and supervised by Bank of Italy.