In Smartika acts a community of applicants and lenders who interact directly with each other, without resort to intermediaries, thus obtaining the best conditions for both. Inside of the community is created, in this way, a market in which the current rates are determined, exclusively from the encounter between supply and demand. Smartika Spa operates as a payment institution, regulated and supervised by Bank of Italy.

Smart Hub srl

Smarthub fits between the equity Crowdfunding recorded in the register of Consob. The company of Milan is enrolled in ordinary section reserved for platforms promoted by privates.


Unicaseed plugs into the portal innovative startup, which offer to subscribe their venture capital through Crowdfunding. It’s a Crowdfunding equity-based of the SIM Unicasim. Created in October 2012, it is operational from January 2014. It’s a holding with headquarters in Genova.


Triboom is the mean that allow to all the teams of gather online supporters, generating relationships facilitated by new technologies available.

Tip Ventures

TipVentures is the only Manager of Crowdfunding portals, which allows to launch both Reward-based both Equity-based campaigns, through its Tip Reward and Tip Equity portals. It’s the ideal solution for business projects of different type, web applications or mobile phones, the fashion design, product design, green economy and much more: from the launch of the idea, to the financing of the Startup.

Terzo Valore

Terzo Valore is a tool of Banca Prossima, the Bank of Intesa San Paolo Group dedicated to the Third Sector. It’s a crowd-lending tool through which individuals (residents in Italy) and legal entities (with legal headquarter in Italy) can lend or directly donate to the non-profit organizations, customers of Banca Prossima. The Bank selects the projects and finance as minimum the 33% plus the difference of what wasn’t collected in Crowdfunding. The planner decides the interest rate, the lender can reduce it, until delete or decide to donate it. The return of loans is guaranteed by the Bank.