Stwórz Mistrza

Stwórz Mistrza is a reward-based platform dedicated to promote sportsperson, which uses both all or nothing and keep it all model. The commission is individually fixed but it is not more than 12,5%. is crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform dedicated to projects related to science, research and inventiveness. The platform gives a great opportunity for young researchers to develop their projects and for the business it gives a chance to invest in the interesting ideas. Key projects before they are launched on the platform are verified by the Scientific Council, which consists of experts from various fields. Platform uses gamification method. The commission is 6%. There are also payments for the organization of the contests, the amount of payment is related to the value of the rewards. is one of the first crowdfunding platforms fully dedicated to projects promoting culture. It was launched in 2012. The commission is 11%. There is a possibility to get a Patron for your project. Patrons are people or institutions who are an authority on cluture and they can take care of your project.


Wspó is a reward-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to all types of projects but there dominates business, social and cultural projects. The commission is 7% plus VAT and 2,5% if you decide to use payment platform. When your campaign ends you can get money only if you have minimum 80% of the total sum needed but the condition is that the rest of money you have to get in a different way and you cannot resign from any part of the project. is a reward-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to all types of projects. It is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms in Poland. The commission is 8,5% and 2,5% for payment operator. It promotes also education about crowdfunding.


Hit­Hit is a Slovak version of a Czech HitHit, a portal functioning on a principle of nothing or all. Maximum duration of the project is 45 days and if the campaign does not reach this goal, it flops. HitHIt is a place for creative projects only. So if you have a good idea for a designer product, music album or a videogame, you are at a right place.

Startlab is focused on public benefit projects, open to artists, designers, activists, start-ups – to anyone who has an idea or a project that can help to better the country. If the project is successful (fixed campaign raises a minimum of 100% of target amount and flexible campaign only needs to raise 1 euro), the project receives around 95% of the sum. In case the campaign is not successful, one has to return the raised funds in full amount to the supporters, but no penalty is charged.


IndieGoGo is a global community funding platform. Anyone with an innovative idea (creative, cause, or entrepreneurial) can create a campaign on IndieGoGo.


Crowdfunding for start-ups, innovative products


Nakopni offers Crowdsourcing and Support for Projects