Adrifund is first Slovenian, crowdfunding locally oriented platform, established in 2016. Mostly aims at projects related to creative industries, supporting cultural events and social welfare.

Startnext (Austria)

Crowdfunding platform which exist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Especially for artists, makers and founders.


Crowdfunding for projects and start-ups


Vizibol is the Crowdfunding platform designed to sustain projects linked to the visual field of creativity: projects born to tell a story through the imagines’ language. It welcomes projects able to use different language of the visual sphere: from photography to drawing, from video art to cinema, documentary, performing art. Vizibol spread the concept of co-production to that of co-creation.


UrbanCrowdRaising is a vertical-crowdfunding platform, focused on urban/social regeneration and development projects for the city, creating new alternative models to finance them.


Upspringer is the first international platform of Crowdfunding dedicated to the literature.


We4Sport is an Italian fashion eCommerce platform which also allows Crowdfunding for sport articles.


Werealize is the Crowdfunding platform that allow to designers, makers and little enterprisers to cooperate and launch on the market original and innovative products, never handled before and produced in limited series.

With You We Do

WithYouWeDo is an action of the program “#thefutureisofall”: the new vision that inspires itself and conduct the activities of Corporate Shared Value of TIM.


WOOP food is the platform built to discover and support Italian agrifood excellences.