Zrzutka.pl is a donation-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to all types of projects but there dominates mainly social campaigns and charity projects. There are no fees or commission beacuse the platform exists thanks to donations. It offers different types of additional paid services.


Dakujeme.sme.sk (thankyou.sme.sk) is a public collection registered under SVS-OVVO-25486-54834. It emerged spontaneously as a giving portal in October 2007 to help children with disabilities, severely ill, widowed mothers and their children, foster and multi-child families, people living in poverty and in need, gifted students, or non-profit organisations seeking funding for their activities. The portal is administered by civic association WellGiving.


Dobrá krajina (Good Country) is a public collection registered under SVS-OVS3-2014/020885. The Pontis Foundation and the Dobrá krajina Board make an annual selection of projects based on call for applications. Projects aimed at improving the country may receive funding online at www.dobrakrajina.sk. The Pontis Foundations monitors the use of the raised funds through progress reports submitted by the recipients.


ĽudiaĽuďom.sk is the first wholly open and universal online system for charitable giving in Slovakia. It is based on an internet portal of the same name with a comprehensive database of public appeals for financial support to natural and legal entities with public benefit in a number of areas.

Srdce Pre Deti

A donor based platform created to help out seriously ill and socially disadvantaged children and ensure their well-being. This platform is run by Pontis Foundation that guarantees transparency and accountability of the raised funds.


Fundraizer is an Platform and service provider for fundraiser in standard and non-profit Organisation. In categories like innovative products, creative projects and events. A donation-based platform in Austria.


Crowdfunding platform providing different catagories of projects. Also available is the category “time”, people invest their time in social projects.


Darujme is a platform for donation-based Crowdfunding and online-fundraising for non-profits.


Nfpmoci is a donation-based platform for social issues.