A Crowdfunding platform for small communities.


Universitiamo is the Crowdfunding platform of the University of Pavia, with its 654 years of history.


UrbanCrowdRaising is a vertical-crowdfunding platform, focused on urban/social regeneration and development projects for the city, creating new alternative models to finance them. is an investment crowdfunding platform focused on creative startups. Their mission is to provide creative entrepreneurs smart tools by which they can raise theirs startups thanks to funds from the investor community. Platform gives the opportunity to run campaign in one of three ways: donation-based, equity-based, lending-based (all or nothing and keep it all but not less than 20%). In addition, the platform offers a complementary package of services, like: support in promotion, distribution and gaining more sources of financing. The commission is 7,5% plus 1,9% commission for payment operator and 3700 zł for formal service. (AON and KIA but not less than 20%)


Do>More is a donation-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to charity projects. Private persons cannot organize a camagin, it is only for organizations. The commission is 5% plus 2,5% for payment operator. is a donation-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to different kinds of charity projects both for NGOs and private person. They offer 12 categories of campaigns: health, animals, voluntary services, education, society, needs, ecology, faith, kids, seniors, NGOs and other. The commission is 3,9%. is a donation-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to different projects, which uses keep it all model. The commission is 5% and 2,5% commisson for payment operator. is a donation-based crowdfunding platform dedicated for charity. They offer 9 categories of campaigns: social actions, disabled person, homeless and poor, medical treatment, environmental protection, kids, voluntary services, aggrieved parties and animals. The commission is 3,5% and 2,5% for payment operator. is crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform dedicated to projects related to science, research and inventiveness. The platform gives a great opportunity for young researchers to develop their projects and for the business it gives a chance to invest in the interesting ideas. Key projects before they are launched on the platform are verified by the Scientific Council, which consists of experts from various fields. Platform uses gamification method. The commission is 6%. There are also payments for the organization of the contests, the amount of payment is related to the value of the rewards. is a donation-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to charity projects. 6% of each payment is a donation for Siepomaga Foundation. These money are used for promotion, payment operators commision, functioning of the platfrom and for the people supported by the Foundation.