Created in 2012, it’s a platform operational since January 2014 based in Livorno.


Starteed is leader in the supply of personalized solutions for the Crowdfunding and the co-creation.


Startify is an online entrepreneurial ecosystem helping entrepreneurs develop their idea to companies providing strategy, validation and connections.


Startzai is defined a site of capital raising for innovative enterprises. Companies which pick out to fund their ambitious expansion plan tendering the possibility, to the public, to buy their own shares. The innovative companies can be not only startup, but also small and medium-sized enterprises, provided they are recorded in the register of the startup or innovative PMI.

Sport Supporter

Sportsupporter is the first sport Crowdfunding platform in Italy, that addresses its action to sport associations, athletes and makers active in the field of technological solutions in sport sector, acting as facilitator for the fundraising. – Sport