is a reward-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to sport clubs and fans, which uses keep it all model. Platform gives the opportunity to participate actively in the life of the favorite Club. Via football fans had supported such sports brands as: Lechia Gdansk, Skra Belchatow, Lech Poznan and Wisla Krakow. The commission is 5% plus commission for payment operator. is the first crowdfunding platform in Poland and one of the first in the world. Portal was created in 2007 as a social record label. Platform extended the area of activity to publishing, film, programming, and cultural event development. community has over 100,000 fans and over 5000 artists and has funded over 80 music projects. The main goal of the platform is to change the way of thinking about distribution of the creative content on the Internet. uses reward-based and all or nothing model.


Mintu.Me is a reward-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to projects promoting healthy lifestyle, ethical and responsible business. What is important projects need to have an ecological or social aspect. The commission is 7,5% and 2,5% for payment operator. It uses keep it all model but when your campaign ends you can get money only if you have minimum 80% of the total sum needed but the condition is that you realize project and give rewards. Currently there are no active campaigns. is a reward-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to social and business projects. Owner of the platform is Beesfund S.A. There are not allowed charity projects. The commission is 4,9% for AON, 4,9% for KIA if you get 100% and 6,9% for KIA if you do not get 100% plus commissions for the payment opereator. It offers different types of additional paid services.


Patronite is both a subscription-based and a reward based crowdfunding platform dedicated to artists and sportsperson. The idea of Patronite is to connect patrons with artists or sportsperson so that they can get each month certain sum of money. The main goal of the platform it is to maintain long-term relationships between creators and their patrons. The commission is 5%. is a donation-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to different kinds of charity projects both for NGOs and private person. They offer 12 categories of campaigns: health, animals, voluntary services, education, society, needs, ecology, faith, kids, seniors, NGOs and other. The commission is 3,9%. is the biggest crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform in Poland, established in 2011. Platform is dedicated to all types of projects. It offers a variety of categories (related to culture, art, technology, events, etc.), excluding charity projects, although the non-profit or open-source projects are allowed. The commission is 7,4% and 2,5% for payment operator. is an equity-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to investment projects in which users of the platform can invest their capital by buying shares, realizing development investements, investments in land and investemnts in the purchase of flats for renting They specialize in Real Estate Crowdfunding. The commission depends on the investment puropse. is crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform dedicated to projects related to science, research and inventiveness. The platform gives a great opportunity for young researchers to develop their projects and for the business it gives a chance to invest in the interesting ideas. Key projects before they are launched on the platform are verified by the Scientific Council, which consists of experts from various fields. Platform uses gamification method. The commission is 6%. There are also payments for the organization of the contests, the amount of payment is related to the value of the rewards. is a donation-based crowdfunding platfrom dedicated to different projects, which uses keep it all model. The commission is 5% and 2,5% commisson for payment operator.