Platform for Austrian and German sme’s which benefit of Austrian, Swiss and German investors with qualified subordinated loans.


CF for projects in developing countries. Especially focused on climate projects.


Investing in Austrian sme’s and Real Estates (No StartUps) to realize different projects.


Platform for sme’s and StartUps to get supported by private investors.

Es geht!

Project of the Austrian Bank BAWAK Psk which initiated the project on the platform. Especially for people with good ideas in changing their local invorment/neighbourhood (mostly social projects).


Crowdinvesting and Crowdfunding: private investors support local companies with their funding. Evercrowd provide also support in finance, marketing and PR.


Crowdfunding Platfrom in Europe for Real Estate where the investors are involved in property developer projects. This Lending-based Crowdfunding platform is based in Austria and Germany. Part of the Lion- and GreenRocket


Specialized in sme (of Finance and Tecnhnology) and Real Estate. Innovative developers get supported by investors within their projects. Since 2016 based in Austria and Germany.


Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative international projects. All categories can be find, like film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography and more.


Crowdinvesting platform for sustainable Startups, first- stage companies and sme’s. Specialized in Energy, environment, mobility and health.