ĽudiaĽuď is the first wholly open and universal online system for charitable giving in Slovakia. It is based on an internet portal of the same name with a comprehensive database of public appeals for financial support to natural and legal entities with public benefit in a number of areas.

Srdce Pre Deti

A donor based platform created to help out seriously ill and socially disadvantaged children and ensure their well-being. This platform is run by Pontis Foundation that guarantees transparency and accountability of the raised funds.

Startlab is focused on public benefit projects, open to artists, designers, activists, start-ups – to anyone who has an idea or a project that can help to better the country. If the project is successful (fixed campaign raises a minimum of 100% of target amount and flexible campaign only needs to raise 1 euro), the project receives around 95% of the sum. In case the campaign is not successful, one has to return the raised funds in full amount to the supporters, but no penalty is charged.


Zltymelon is a Slovakian lending platform for SMEs.


IndieGoGo is a global community funding platform. Anyone with an innovative idea (creative, cause, or entrepreneurial) can create a campaign on IndieGoGo.


Platform for Austrian and German sme’s which benefit of Austrian, Swiss and German investors with qualified subordinated loans.


The platform connect investors with innovative StartUps and entrepreneurs (sme) who are realizing projects, which get provided support and feedback.


Early-stage investment in different projects of innovative Startups or projects of sme’s.


The Crowdfunding platform for sme’s, mostly for innovative projects. Part of the Green- and Home-Rocket.