Anci Innovazione

Civic Crowdfunding from Tuscany. ANCI Innovation supports local authorities in experimenting with usage patterns of the Information and Communication Technologies to facilitate the processes and -democracy.


Assiteca Crowd is a Srl company based in Milan: it’s a platform created in September 2013. – Generalista


Bandbackers is a pre-selling platform for musicians

Be Crowdy

Becrowdy is the Crowdfunding platform reward-based for sustaining artistic and cultural production, through which artists, promoters and producers can propose their own projects and finance them by the help of Community. Its Long-term goal is to enlarge over the national borders, in order to trigger, in addition to financing, also the mobility of projects, transforming the platform in a real base aimed to a wider cultural network. – Arte & Cultura


Beart is a crowdfunding platform based on a reward system, designed for professionals and art lovers.


Donordonnee is a platform for peer to peer donations.


Cofyp offers to accountants, lawyers, business consultants, associations of small and medium-sized enterprises an on-line portal for the raising capitals of the innovative enterprisers. –

Book a Book

Bookabook is the first Crowdfunding Italian platform of the book. The Community chooses a book, supporting the publication, and thus generating a template of participated publishing. Bookabook is an “all-or-nothing” Crowdfunding. The heart of the platform is a community where the readers can exchange ideas and opinions with the authors. – Editoria

Borsa del Credito

Borsa del Credito is a marketplace-lending where companies can find quickly a credit solution, and the savers an excellent investment opportunity. Banks, other companies or individuals can lend money. In this case it’s “Business Peer to Peer Lending” or “Social Lending”. Borsa del Credito is the first site, in Italy, that enables the access to this kind of lends for firms. – Credito alle aziende


BuonaCausa is a civic and ethic Crowdfunding platform, dedicated to good practices and projects requiring support. The platform enables associations, public bodies, testimonial, companies, supporters and activists to take part in crowdsourcing initiatives and social value projects. This platform has been active since March 2011, and is managed by a Non-profit organization. It doesn’t retain commissions on donations. The projects are donation and reward, actually only keep-it-all. – Ethic & Sociale