Crowdfunding for books, platforms is owned by a publisher. If a book gets 100 supporters, it gets published.


Crowdinvestment platform for companies from the health sector

99 Funken

Platform for regional project focussing on social projects, research, eduaction, city and regional development, envirnmoent and animal protecttion in Saxony and Lower Saxony


Crowdfunding for live events, fans decide where their favorite bands shall give a concert.


Crowdfunding for project in the field of sustainability, it is owned by the German environment foundation (Deutsche Umwelstiftung)

Dresden Durchstarter

Local Crowdfunding platform of the city of Dresden, Saxony, it is run by the marketing agency of the city.


Crowdinvestment for start-ups, offers both equity-like shares and venture loans.

Conda (Germany)

Crowdfunding Platform for Startups, based in Austria and Munich.


Crowd lending for all business sectors