Crowdfunding Guidebook Download

Here you can find the (Almost) Complete Guidebook to Crowdfunding for SMEs. The Guidebook was written by Karsten Wenzlaff and Wolfgang-Gumpelmaier-Mach which are both working for ikosom.

The Guidebook was developed within the project Crowd-Fund-Port, which has the aim to support SMEs in Central Europe as part of the Interreg Central Europe Program.

The authors wish to thank the whole Crowd-Fund-Port-Team and all project partners, especially Marko Gregovic, Damir Soh, Kristina Laus and Valentina Starcevic from the Crowdfunding Academy by Brodoto. The authors also to wish to thank Tanja Schaub for the Art Design of the Manuscript and the Editing of the Final Document. Last but not least, the authors would like to thank Nina Kirsten for the wonderful infographics.

The Guidebook is free – especially for SMEs and other organisations which want to create their own Crowdfunding campaign. The use of this Guidebook in a commercial context is prohibited, especially the commercial sale of this book and parts of it is not allowed. Crowdfunding consultants can ask the authors for permission to use the material in their own consultancy. Simply contact the authors. The authors want to strongly encourage Crowdfunding consultants to contact them and discuss the usage of the material. In most circumstances, the authors will grant a free license to use this material in Crowdfunding consultancy. The authors retain the right to revoke a license if necessary or if abuse of material is detected.

The Infographics used in this book are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0. You have to attribute the usage of this license by linking to the page or

You can download the Guidebook by clicking on the following link:

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