is an investment crowdfunding platform focused on creative startups. Their mission is to provide creative entrepreneurs smart tools by which they can raise theirs startups thanks to funds from the investor community. Platform gives the opportunity to run campaign in one of three ways: donation-based, equity-based, lending-based (all or nothing and keep it all but not less than 20%). In addition, the platform offers a complementary package of services, like: support in promotion, distribution and gaining more sources of financing. The commission is 7,5% plus 1,9% commission for payment operator and 3700 zł for formal service. (AON and KIA but not less than 20%)


Zltymelon is a Slovakian lending platform for SMEs.


Platform for Austrian and German sme’s which benefit of Austrian, Swiss and German investors with qualified subordinated loans.


Crowdfunding Platfrom in Europe for Real Estate where the investors are involved in property developer projects. This Lending-based Crowdfunding platform is based in Austria and Germany. Part of the Lion- and GreenRocket


Zonky is a Czech Crowdlending Platform for SMEs


Lending-based Crowdfunding platform for private loans, sometimes used by SMEs as well.


Crowd lending for all business sectors


Crowdlending for private persons, they are planning to extend to self-emplyed and companies in the future